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A Royal Affair

USDA Certified Organic

The classic English Breakfast tea that will never steer you wrong.



Unlike most English Breakfast blends, our Royal Affair is a single estate, organic Assam tea from India. This tea has a very distinctive flavour which is strong, robust, and aromatic. Studies show that people who drink black tea regularly (approximately 3 cups per day) tend to have fewer heart attacks and strokes. An ingredient present in this tea, the amino acid L-theanine, boosts the brain’s levels of alpha waves, which reduces anxiety and helps with relaxation. The relaxing effects are achieved while not causing drowsiness. This black tea is rich in protective antioxidants.

100% organic black tea.

25g makes: 25 cups (based on 3g per 8oz of water, infused 3 times)

Temperature: 212 degrees F

Infusing time: 3-4 minutes

Made by fermenting tea leaves.

Studies suggest black tea may be linked to reduced risk of stroke, lower cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and weight loss.

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