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Just Breathe (Retiring Soon)

USDA Certified Organic & Caffeine Free

The perfect blend to help get a better night’s sleep or ease anxious moments and headaches. De-stress with a cup.



This blend of soothing, therapeutic herbs has a strong calming effect that many people prefer to pain-killers or sedatives. The valerian root contains a number of active chemical compounds, including different alkaloids, but the most important is Gamma Amino Butyric Acid (or GABA). This chemical is vital for brain function and helps to inhibit the stress-causing neurotransmitters that can lead to a lack of sleep or persistent anxiety. This blend is recommended for people with nervous tension, ADHD or persons suffering from migraines as it will help to keep you mellow, help to ease headaches as well as give you a better night’s sleep. Lemon verbena, a perennial shrub, contains an essential oil that aroma therapists value for its restorative effects that also help in combatting depression and stress. So sit down, just breathe, and try a cup of this medicinal yet delicious tea!

100% organic valerian root, 100% organic lemon verbena, 100% organic lemon myrtle, 100% organic lemon balm, 100% organic chamomile, , 100% organic lavender, and 100% organic spearmint.

25g makes: 25 cups (based on 3g per 8oz of water, infused 3 times)

Temperature: 212 degrees F

Infusing time: 4-6 minutes

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