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Luxurious Lychee (Retiring Soon)

100% natural ingredients

While black tea has great health benefits, pairing it with the scent of lychee creates that different variation to regular black tea that is uplifting in every way.



Native to Southeast Asia and rich in protective antioxidants, this black tea is scented with exotic lychee fruit that yields a full-bodied, sweet and slightly fruity cup. Luxurious Lychee offers a strong, pleasantly sweet aroma and the reddish brown brew has a light, honey-like taste. The unique flavour of the lychee fruit (paired with black tea) presents a distinctly uplifting taste, leaving you with a pleasant-tasting tea that is smooth and well-balanced. Black tea has flavonoids and antioxidant properties that have been known to help prevent cancer-causing cell damage by reducing free radicals. Another incredible benefit of black tea is that it can help reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes by improving the ability of blood vessels to relax. A recent study found that those who drank three cups of black tea each day cut their risk of heart attack in half, compared with those who didn’t drink any at all. Give this exceptionally smooth and delightful lychee black tea a try. You won’t be disappointed!

Black tea scented with lychee.

25g makes: 25 cups (based on 3g per 8oz of water, infused 3 times)

Temperature: 212 degrees F

Infusing time: 2-4 minutes

Made by fermenting tea leaves.

Studies suggest black tea may be linked to reduced risk of stroke, lower cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and weight loss.

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